Les Mills COMBAT Beachbody Workout

Les Mills COMBAT Beachbody Workout

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Les Mills Combat Beachbody Workout

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What Is Les Mills Combat?

Les Mills Body Combat is the most recent collaboration between Beachbody LLC and Les Mills International. The program is a martial arts based in home workout based on the group class program Les Mills Body Combat which is taught in gyms and fitness centers all around the world. Combat is the follow up program to the original collaboration of Les Mills International and Beachbody called LES MILLS PUMP which launched last year.

LES MILLS COMBATóBeachbody's first MMA-inspired programócombines intense moves with a style of exercise that can be found from the Les Mills family. Inspired from 6 martial arts disciplines that take you through a series of punches, kicks, blocks, and strikes combat will have you looking lean and trim in no time.

All of this exercise will be done to the rhythm of heart-pumping music tracks which Les Mills is known for. By blending the most dynamic moves like karate, tae kwon do, capoeira, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu into explosive, escalating sequences, you'll burn massive amounts of calories, amp up strength, maximize lean muscle definition, and build the best body ever in just 60 days.

Les Mills Combat Guarantee

money back guarantee Les Mills COMBAT comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If at anytime during your 60 day trial you want to send it back for a full refund (less shipping) simply email us for an RA # and send it back.

What's Included In Les Mills Combat?

LES MILLS COMBAT Kit includes 7 workouts on 5 DVDs, the Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide, the Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide, Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker, and the 60-day workout calendars. Everything pictured to the right.

les mills combat base

The 7 High Intensity MMA Style Workouts:

  • LES MILLS COMBAT: THE BASICS: Master the techniques as well as the MMA-based guards and stances you will use throughout all the LES MILLS COMBAT workouts. (30 minutes)

  • LES MILLS COMBAT 30: KICK START: A low-complexity but high-intensity workout that introduces you to the basic LES MILLS COMBAT combination moves.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT 45: POWER KATA: "Katas" are martial arts training methods that develop technique and flow. This workout combines speed and power with cross-training for complete calorie scorching.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT 60: EXTREME CARDIO FIGHTER: Challenge your endurance and push your body to the outer limits of fitness with a high-repetition sequence of moves that will have your muscles firing on all cylinders.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT 60 LIVE: ULTIMATE WARRIOR'S WORKOUT: A hard-driving blend of all the martial arts featured in the LES MILLS COMBAT programs. From your upper body to your legs and butt to your core, this workout hits every muscle.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT: POWER HIIT 1: High Intensity Interval Training that uses short bursts of maximum effort followed by recovery to push you into muscle-conditioning overload and get you fighter-fit fast.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT: SHOCK PLYO HIIT 2: Uses propulsion exercises to improve athletic power and endurance, pushing you into peak performance mode. This workout is the ultimate body shot!
  • Les Mills COMBAT Quick Stats

    Combat Workout Stats

    Is Les Mills COMBAT Right For You?

    This is the best question to find an answer to before you buy any workout program. There are countless in home workout programs available today and currently two Les Mills inspired Beachbody workouts. Is Les Mills COMBAT right for you? Before you decide you might want to answer a few basic questions to help determine if it is.

    1st - Do You Need A Low Impact Workout?

    Les Mills COMBAT is not for the faint of heart. It's an intense, physically demanding workout that has you throwing kicks, jabs, punches,and blocks. You'll also be doing some plyometrics which can strain your lower body joints and ligaments. If you have a history of lower body pain and generally shy away from programs that can be intense on the lower body, you may want to rethink COMBAT.

    2nd - Do You Enjoy Martial Arts For Exercise?

    It should go without saying that Les Mills COMBAT is all about the martial arts. Six different forms of it in fact. What's nice about COMBAT is that it's not just one form of martial arts that's repeated over and over again. So even if you have a tendency to get bored with a particular style, you'll constantly be changing it up.

    If you're still having trouble determining if you like martial arts for exercise, think back to other workout programs you've done. If you've ever done anything like P90X that incorporates some martial arts into the program and you enjoyed it, you will most definitely love COMBAT.

    3rd - Do You Currently Attend Les Mills BODYCOMBAT Classes?

    It may seem strange for someone who attends the class to have the home program as well, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Nothings worse than missing class, especially when that class is BODYCOMBAT! Can't get out of the house, gotta pick up the kids, run an errand, or have to leave town unexpectedly? No problem, you now have a back up when roadblocks come up and it's called Les Mills COMBAT.

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