Tai Cheng Beachbody Workout

Tai Cheng Beachbody Workout
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Tai Cheng - The 1st Tai Chi Based Home Workout!

Think low-impact. Think Tai-Chi. Think 21st-century sports science. Think youthful energy. Think Tai Cheng.

Tai Cheng Workout by Beachbody

Tai Cheng On Sale Now!

Renew your youthful energy in just 90 days through the healing motion of Tai Cheng! Developed with Dr. Mark Cheng, this low-impact program combines the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi with 21st-century sports science. It includes 12 workout DVDs, plus a Master Scroll reference DVD and valuable fitness tools to help you turn back the clock and feel absolutely fantastic.

Tai Cheng is based on the complex art of Tai Chi and turned into an at home DVD program for your own personal fitness routine. Ninety days of the Tai Chi program can bring real benefits in performance. Power is being able to move without strain. That is the kind of dynamic that Tai Cheng brings. Power isn’t something you’ve got after a life changing event like hip replacement or childbirth.

If plyometrics are part of your fitness routine, you want to be able to extend with power. Tai Cheng helps in knowing where the parking brakes are in your own physical limitations. You cannot hit the gas pedal in fitness training when the parking brakes are on. Tai Cheng promotes knowing where those boundaries are so you can get the most out of any fitness exercise routine you’re accustomed to doing regularly. Not everyone needs a hip replacement so what benefit is it to knowing where the “parking brakes” are?

Tai Cheng - An Intro To Tai Chi

An example of what Tai Chi produces as far as benefits is what can happen after hip replacement surgery. There is a long process in recovery after having your frame knocked out of alignment. With the body, movement is always forward. If you want to get back into shape, move forward. Tai Cheng introduces Tai Chi’s element of moving side to side in a low impact way. That forces a challenge into balance moves.

In performance movement exercises, form and balance are crucial to the success of your commitment of that program. Functional movement and modern sports medicine confirm and validates the essence of old school Tai Chi training.

Is Tai Cheng For You?

Whether you are in great shape or not, Tai Cheng is for everyone. This is a health restoration, health improvement, and wellness system for you. This is a thirteen-week regimen that prehabilitates and rehabilitates the body at the same time. This program is to get people mobile, active, ready, and physically fit. You also get the benefits of managing pain more effectively with this workout program.

Plyometrics works out the engine movers within the body. Those muscles fire when you step on the gas in fitness training. A good engine means nothing without the proper frame in stability. Tai Cheng addresses the frame and engine capabilities in your own body. You can get more out of your workout session with this program.

The 12 Tai Cheng DVDs & Master Scroll

  • Master Scroll DVD: Learn everything you need to master Tai Cheng. Dr. Cheng breaks down each of the 18 Tai Cheng moves so you can watch exactly how each move is done and be ready to learn them from Day 1!
  • DVDs 1–3: You'll learn 6 Tai Chi moves, combining them into a fluid routine that builds strength, increases your overall range of motion, and helps reduce pain.
  • DVDs 4–6: Dr. Cheng teaches you 6 new moves to help increase your energy; burn off excess fat; and build greater stability, strength, and balance.
  • DVDs 7–9: You'll be introduced to the final 6 moves that you'll need to learn on your way to becoming a Tai Chi Master.
  • DVDs 10–12: The last 3 discs will guide you through performing all 18 moves, in a powerful, yet graceful health-boosting routine.
  • No Risk 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

    90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We're so sure you'll love this program, we're giving you our 90-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied within 90 days, simply email us for a Return Authorization number to return Tai Cheng for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling. But keep the bonus gifts just for trying Tai Cheng.